Everything I Learned I Learned From The Movies
— Audrey HepBurn

Leigh grew up in St. Peters Missouri, a suburb outside of St. Louis. She is one of four children in her wild, caring family. She grew up always wanting to be an actor or performer of some sort. Acting was her biggest passion; the one she wanted more than the rest. She played a lot of sports throughout her adolescent life specifically sticking with competitive volleyball as she got older. After realizing that her chances of becoming a professional volleyball player at the striking height of 5’3 was more unlikely to happen than becoming a professional actor, she decided to take a leap of faith and dove head first into becoming an actor. She is now about to graduate from Missouri State University with her BFA in Acting. Along with acting, Leigh also loves working with people who have different disabilities, her oldest brother Peter has Downs Syndrome and is a shining light in her life. She loves getting to work with others who don’t get to have the same kind of performance opportunities that most are given.